Aster Public School a best school in Greater Noida

Published: 20th June 2011
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Imagine a school winning the Best Landscape Trophy for the third consecutive year. That’s the beauty of being in one of the city’s most aesthetically designed schools. Even the Greater Noida Development Authority organizes a Flower Show in the school premises. Aster Public School was founded by the Smt. Angoori Devi Educational Society in both Delhi and Greater Noida with the objective of training the students to face the challenges of the world. Education is at its best with Aster Public School which provides its students with all the amenities while catering to the contemporary needs of a dynamic society. The objective of the school is to impart education of a high standard to children of all backgrounds, without any discrimination on any grounds and also to promote universal brotherhood and international understanding through a curriculum and broad based learning that puts the students of Aster Public School at par with the level of students across the world.

The infrastructure that the school offers is as follows. It consists of well ventilated, Illuminated and spacious classrooms. The entire school has a power back up of two generators each of 100KW capacity. The Greater Noida branch has a canteen for the staff and students where hygienic snacks and cold drinks are served. The school has a well maintained fleet of fifteen yellow buses catering to the needs of the students and covering various locations in Delhi, Noida, Greater Noida with the facility to make phone calls. Special attention is paid to cleanliness and hygiene. The school has a well equipped medical room qualified doctor and a nurse on call to handle any emergencies and provide First Aid. The School has a centralized Reverse Osmosis System to provide the students and staff with potable water. The school premises also have a stationary shop and a school uniform shop for convenience.

The nursery section is brightly colored with cartoon characters painted on the walls. The ambience of a social environment is created through informal play way activities like playing, singing, dancing and sharing. The children in the nursery learn to communicate, develop emotional stability, practice manner and etiquette. The senior classes are also provided with well equipped laboratories for general science and computer science. The school hosts a library which consists of several expensive books. Today with the strength of the school having crossed the 1600 mark, it is not unusual that it is one of the most sought after schools!

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