Blooming Tree a Play Group and Nursery school in Janakpuri New Delhi

Published: 08th June 2011
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Blooming Tree is a Play Group and Nursery School located in Janakpuri. Janakpuri is a major residential colony in West Delhi. It is one of the biggest planned residential colonies in Asia and it consists of both DDA flats and private houses. The colony has well-connected transportation and is home to many famous private schools. Blooming Tree Play School is one of the play schools located in the locality. The school was established with a vision of providing quality education to its students. The school is dedicated to provide world class educational facilities to the students and offers education from classes Play Group to Nursery. The school has well-ventilated classrooms. The school also has a playground where the students can play various outdoor sports. It is one of the largest playgroup, nursery and activity centers in Delhi. The school has international Montessori education modules and lays emphasis on creativity. The school is poised to set new standards in pre-school education in India.

The staff at the school is very caring. They take full care that the students get individual attention and learn in a loving and caring atmosphere. The teacher-student ratio at the school is appropriate to ensure that students get proper attention.

Here the young children love to explore and discover new things about the world around them. By playing with the educational toys here, the children learn about independent thinking and problem solving. For healthy growth and development of the children, the children must spend most of their days in free play. The main objective of the school is to provide a positive atmosphere to the kid that promotes the social, intellectual and spiritual growth of the children. Here the staff uses positive guidance techniques to enhance the child’s feeling of self worth.

The students are encouraged to take part in large and small group interactions tat help the children learn to co-operate, listen and share. The students are also encouraged to take part in activities that stimulate cognitive growth and creativity, emotional and social development. The students are encouraged to take part in outdoor activities that develop large and small motor skills. These self-selected activities stimulate cognitive growth and creativity. The kids are also encouraged to take part in outdoor activities that help the students develop large and small motor skills. These motor skills are nurtured into the child’s environment. Children get to participate in yoga, singing, dancing, pottery, drama, story time, role play, cooking, art and craft.

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