Siddharth International Public School Dilshad Garden

Published: 29th June 2011
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Siddharth International School is located in Dilshad Garden in New delhi. The school is named after the Prince Siddharth, the founder of the Sect of Buddhism. The school aims to imbibe in its students qualities of the young prince who turned into a spiritual leader. The school aims to imbibe the qualities of peace, compassion and ahimsa or non-violence in its students. The school is managed by the ravi Bharati Shiksha Samiti which is a registered Institution. The school imparts education to both English and Hindi medium and has gradually occupied a place amongst the leading progressive schools in the country. The aim of the school is the development of the head, heart and hand. Siddharth international Public School strives hard to give quality education to its students. The school makes constant efforts at discovering and developing to the fullest the finest qualities in the child.

The school aims at developing the character and individuality of a child. The school enables a student to participate creatively as a citizen in a democratic society. The school aims at making the students efficient to play the role in building the economic prosperity of the country. The school aims at developing principles like self-discipline, cleanliness and punctuality among the students. The school also aims at developing a competitive spirit among the students by providing them with facilities for sports and competitions. Constant efforts are made to mould the students into socially aware and responsible citizens. The school apart from academic brilliance lays effort on co-curricular activities for the all-round development of the children. The students are encouraged to take part in activities like scouting, gliding, NCC, NSS, SUPW, art and crafts, yoga, music, cricket, basketball, badminton, debates and dance. The school is equipped with medical facilities for the staff and students in case of illness.

The school has playhouse for children. The school provides a wonderful atmosphere for the nursery and the kindergarten. Here the kids are provided a wonderful atmosphere for the nursery and the kindergarten. The children are taught through the playway method. There is a big library in the school that contains a lot of books on various subjects and magazines. The school also lays emphasis on physical education and yoga for the all round development of the child. The school also has committees such as Discipline Committee, News Committee, Security Committee and Cleanliness Committee.

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