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Published: 21st June 2011
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One of the few schools to be certified as an ISO 9001-2000 institution, Stanford Convent School situated on the Badarpur Border that separates Faridabad NCR from New Delhi endeavors to offer students with exceptional opportunities for the development of mind and body and for directing its resources towards the overall development of the individual. Keeping in mind the philosophy that ‘Man is the image of God’, the school strives at providing the best of education to the children right from nursery to class X.

The school follows the CBSE pattern of education and is recognized by the Ministry of Education, Delhi. The infrastructure of the school consists of big classrooms that are well ventilated and well lit. There are sophisticated and well equipped laboratories for physics, biology and computers at the senior school level. Each of these laboratories are equipped with some of the most modern equipment and they also have posters on laboratory safety hung on the walls for the children to read and follow.

The computer laboratory had some of the most recent versions of computers installed, and each provided with internet connectivity. There was also a library stacked with best sellers and reference books on academics, apart from some educational CDs. The library was maintained using the dewy system by a full time librarian. The school laid equal emphasis on academics as well as on co- and extra-curricular activities and offered Music, Art and dance.

The school had an average sized playground shared by the nursery section also because it had colorful swings and slides. The older children however used it for football, basketball and cricket. The teachers of the nursery section were all Montessori trained and followed the Play way method of imparting education while the teachers for the higher classes specialized in their respective subjects. If there was one thing that the parents were worried about, it was that the school was only till class ten, which meant that parents with children in class 9 would have to search for another school, to complete their child’s education.

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